In the development discussion report of the Welfare at Work and Productivity from Knowledge -project, attention is paid to reducing haste and reforming the development discussion process

The Kainuu Association of Municipalities for Social and Health Care is running the Welfare at Work and Productivity from Knowledge -project from 1 February 2020 to 31 January 2023. The aim is to promote and support the wellbeing of Kainuu’s social and health care personnel at work and to reduce the pressures created by the operating environment. In addition, the goal is to develop knowledge management and productivity.

As part of the project, MDI carried out a development discussion study commissioned by Kainuu’s Social and Health Care provider which examined the current state of development discussions and their possible alternatives. The aim of the study was to produce development targets and solution proposals for the renewal of development discussions. For the study, information was obtained from many different actors, such as Kainuu social and health care employees, supervisors and other hospital districts.

According to the study, development discussions are very successful whenever they are held. Both employees and supervisors perceived development discussions to be generally positive or at least neutral. The atmosphere of the discussions was described as open, relaxed and confidential, among other things. From an organisational perspective, development discussions were found to be very useful and to generate a lot of development ideas. However, employees and supervisors both see the need to hurry as the biggest challenge. Due to the hectic nature of everyday life, there is often little or no time to hold development discussions and it is felt that the holding of such discussions is not given sufficient priority.

In improving development discussions, attention should be paid to reducing urgency and reforming the development discussion process. The key proposal here is the wider introduction of group development discussions which generated positive experiences in other hospital districts. In Kainuu, however, this approach had not been tried extensively.  Both employees and supervisors would also benefit from harmonising the rules and practices of development discussions. The form used in development discussions should be renewed or replaced with a development discussion questionnaire that everyone should always fill out before the discussion takes place. From the point of view of equality, it is important that all staff, both temporary and part-time, be involved in development discussions. Being genuinely heard increases wellbeing at work and motivation.

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