MDI Team

Marjo Alaviitala, M.A.

Specialist 050 329 4015

Marjo is a communications professional with expertise in organisational communication and a deep knowledge of modern Finnish language and pedagogy. In addition to overseeing MDI’s own communication tasks she eagerly participates in various projects, workshops and innovation camps. Co-operation with others inspires her and she enjoys writing and editing texts with a linguistic touch. Marjo loves to spend time with her two dogs, continues to develop herself through study and loves to play bass guitar.

Janne Antikainen, Lic.Phil. (Human Geography)

Development Director, Partner, Chairman +358 40 764 1829

Janne is a visionary human geographer who has researched, designed, and implemented national and local development policies for nearly two decades. Experiences gained from his time at the Ministry of Employment and the Economy have cultivated him into a far-sighted pioneer who applauds boldness and pattern-breaking approaches in regional development practices. Recently, Janne has specifically promoted the revamping of national governance policies, economic growth at the municipal level and strategic management. Janne is a charismatic public speaker who inspires his audience to think about solving problems in new ways.

Rasmus Aro, M.SOC.SC.

Specialist 040 187 1027

Rasmus has a Master’s degree in Political Science. For his major he studied social politics. His expertise and interests, regional competitiveness, vitality and demographic development are particularly relevant to regional development; regional competitiveness. He also spesialises in population forecasts. Rasmus has worked with the same topics throughout his studies. More broadly, he is interested in almost all social and political phenomena, using a considerable part of his free time to explore different topics of interest. His hobbies include traveling and planning future trips.

Timo Aro, D.Soc.Sc.

Lead Specialist +358 45 657 7890

Timo is a researcher whose expertise lies in regional development and demographics. He has actively engaged with the issues in developing Finland’s larger urban areas and regional structural change, as well as undertaking economic vitality analyses and municipal structure examinations. When he is not passionately rooting for Pori’s local ice hockey team, Timo is the ‘go-to guy’ when you need to know about Finland’s migration flows.

Susanna Haanpää, M.Sc. (Planning Geography)

Specialist +358 40 936 8863

Susanna is a planning geographer with expertise in statistical and spatial data analysis and the visualisation of key information. Susanna has been involved in a number of vitality and strategy work projects, as well as research on knowledge base development and knowledge management. She has also been involved in a number of regional studies on attractiveness, vitality and migration, focusing in particular on demographics, migration, employment and regional dynamics, both through statistics and through surveys and interviews. Susanna spends her free time in the woods or on the agility and obedience circuit with her dogs.

Benjamin Heikkinen, M.Sc. (Admin.)

Specialist +358 40 410 9310

Benjamin holds a Master's degree in Administration and has a deep knowledge of rural development. As a calm person who easily bursts into laughter, Benjamin has mastered a wide array of evaluation methods as well as the secrets of network analysis. Benjamin has for example studied networks in place-based regional development. In addition to regional development, Benjamin has a previous track-record of and work experience in administrative and development tasks at both the government and city levels. In his free time, Benjamin enjoys spending time close to nature and attending cultural events.

Jaakko Huttunen, M.Sc. (Planning Geography)

Specialist +358 44 970 7798

Jaakko describes himself as an easy-going, but curious regional and urban developer. Jaakko’s primary interests consist of strategy and future-related development tasks, such as focusing on housing, land use planning and urban culture development. Jaakko graduated from the University of Helsinki with a M.Sc., in Planning Geography. Before joining MDI, he worked as a project coordinator in Kuuma-region, as a trainee in the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, as a specialist for the city of Vantaa and as a Smart City concept developer for Demola Tampere. Outside of working hours Jaakko enjoys consuming football in different ways as well as playing other sports. He also enjoys cooking, watching documentaries and travelling.

Anssi Kumpula

Anssi Kumpula, B.Sc. (Econ.)

Graphic Designer +358 50 357 9252

Anssi is a skilled and precise graphic designer who devours each project like it was his last meal. Anssi designs our MDI Newsletters, brochures, handbooks and final reports. His magic touch invites people to pick up our project outputs and guides the readers’ attention towards their contents. Straightforward visual appearances and artwork help highlight the key messages in each piece of work. Anssi also enjoys capturing genuine moments as an event photographer. Anssi has a cheerful and mesmerizing personality, but deep down, he’s also a speed-loving and cool-headed race driver.

Aleksi Koivisto, M.SC. (ADMIN.)

Specialist 040 686 2604

Aleksi is a social scientist who has worked in youth organisations, in a training company and previously also as a project manager. He has recently taken a keen interest, in various forms, in Finland’s ongoing social- and healthcare reform.. In his final thesis he studied the democratic legitimacy of the new regional level. His heart beats to a regional policy and rural development beat. Outside working hours, he travels and bakes pies.

Valtteri Laasonen, M.Sc. (Geo)

Lead Specialist, Partner +358 50 533 0604

Valtteri is a multitalented planning geographer whose expertise is related to knowledge-based and networked public administration development. He has undertaken dozens of public sector interactive development evaluations and research projects on national and regional policies and development programmes with the resilience of an endurance athlete. As an excitable and knowledge-thirsty ‘doer’, Valtteri especially enjoys supporting the economic, vitality and strategy work of municipalities and regions across Finland and is happy to analyse regional development data. He is currently preparing his doctoral thesis at Tampere University on the innovation policy of Finland and networked research, development and innovation activities related to bioeconomy.

Anna Laiho, M.SOC.SC.

Specialist 040 749 9758

On maternity leave 29.1.2020-

Anna studied Social Policy and has extensive work experience in municipal consulting and market research. She specialises in creating surveys and undertaking demographic analyses on regional and municipal competitiveness. Anna is particularly interested in regional vitality and in the development of public services. Learning new things and personal development are close to Anna's heart. In her spare time, she likes to practice yoga, read and roam freely close to nature.

Kaisa Lähteenmäki-Smith, PhD, (POL.SC.) & International Relations

Lead Specialist 050 513 4810

Kaisa is a political scientist with a doctorate from the University of Turku. Her mission in life is to work towards maintaining the high quality of Finnish administration and societal development. She has pursued this goal previously, for instance, as a researcher and consultant, as well as a science specialist at the Prime Minister's office and in her work with the renewal of public sector leadership culture and practice at The Finnish Innovation Fund (SITRA). Evidence-informed and experimental governance and decision-making and enabling experts, decision-makers and citizens to better interact are issues that are particularly close to her heart. In her free time, Kaisa enjoys cooking, air yoga and spending time with her two terriers, whose tenacity and joy of life she relies on as a constant source of inspiration. Her motto in life is ”to be the person my dogs already think I am”.

Samuli Manu, M.Soc.Sc. (Political Science)

Specialist +358 50 356 3980

Samuli is a social scientist who went from sociology to political science in his studies. In recent years, Samuli has been extensively involved in researching and developing Finnish public administration. In addition to his work, he is interested in the philosophical and theoretical examination of society and politics. In his spare time, Samuli is constantly juggling between supporting the notion of decent citizenship and living his own rock’n’roll lifestyle.

Minna Mayer, D.Soc.Sc.

Specialist +358 40 709 6898

Minna is a Doctor of Social Sciences with ten years of research experience in both academia and the public sector. Previously, she has worked in the Employment and Economic Development Centre of Uusimaa region, the University of Helsinki and the Finnish Innovation Fund, Sitra. She is passionate about working life research and development. Minna has taught statistical research methods at the university and is interested in developing new statistical indicators and different ways of visualising research data. Minna is well-versed in solving multi-level societal problems and in her dissertation has explored public-private partnerships in development cooperation projects in the field of meteorology. Minna is currently working on projects focusing on labour policy and environmental issues. In addition to her research work, Minna is an experienced event organiser and has organised all kinds of events from small workshops to large international research conferences. Currently, she is developing her own expertise on topics related to well-being at work and work psychology. In her spare time, she writes a career guide for young people and enjoys watching movies.

Veera Mustonen, M.A.

Lead Specialist 040 508 4022

Veera is a cognitive scientist who has extensive experience in innovation management and urban development. Prior joining MDI she worked as an Executive Director in a Living Lab at Tonsley innovation district in South Australia and before that as a Deputy CEO in Forum Virium Helsinki. There she launched a well-known smart city district Smart Kalasatama, Helsinki. For two decades Veera has been leading human centric development projects in areas of digital learning, smartphones and smart cities. She has expertise in agile collaborative methods, citizen participation and business development. During her leisure time, she carries out her doctoral studies at Aalto University and enjoys both rural and urban life and traveling with her family.

Iida Mäkelä, B. Soc. Sc.

Specialist 044 588 7040

Iida is a young economist close to graduating as a Master of Social Sciences in Economics. Her studies have helped her to develop a strong understanding of both the corporate and national economies. She has, in addition, also developed a particular interest in environmental economics and the dynamics of housing markets. Iida has a broad knowledge of statistical methods and software and has created several analyses, for example, in regional demographics, migration and vitality. Iida also a has natural ability to find and utilise data and then to analyse and transform it into a more accessible visual form. At work, calm and positive, she is passionate about multidimensional projects, polishing up details and working together as a team. In her spare time she enjoys good food and wine as well as all kinds of outdoor and indoor sports.

Juho Nyman, M.Sc. (Geo)

Specialist +358 50 321 8790

Juho is a Geographer who is used to working with challenging issues in impact evaluation. He has the ability to process extensive data sets whether they are statistical or qualitative. Juho is particularly interested in the Structural Funds Programme having written his Master's thesis on the application of the programme in Finland (2007-13). He has subsequently worked on numerous projects in this area. Juho is comfortable producing detailed analysis with sharp conclusions. He is also a fine Karaoke singer.

Sari Rannanpää, M.Phil.

Lead Specialist +358 50 523 6872

Sari is an expert in rural development and programme evaluation. Her international education and work experience bring European know-how to Finland’s evaluation culture. Sari has worked on rural development policy in DG Agri, and she continues to develop and support evaluation of rural development policy in Europe. She is an efficient, hands-on consultant, who is fully proficient in evaluation methods and processes, logic frameworks and rural development programmes and their management. She is at her best when structuring large amounts of information into concise and prioritised summaries. Sari is an inspirational trainer and facilitator. She enjoys holding training sessions and planning and facilitating workshops, seminars and conferences with the help of participatory methods. Her special skill is to summarise concisely the main points of group discussions verbally and visually.

Sinikukka Pyykkönen, M.Sc. (Admin.), B.Sc. (Pol.Sc.)

Specialist +358 40 846 0846

Sinikukka is an administrative and social scientist with an in-depth knowledge of evaluation, innovation and issues in public administration. She has extensive experience of carrying out regional and rural development evaluations and projects. Sinikukka is especially fond of preparing, developing and sparring evaluation methods. Following time spent at the OECD, she is experienced in accessing a wide range of diverse data sources and gets excited about recognising and analysing broad societal phenomena. As a quick-witted person Sinikukka is at her best running projects that combine different views and in formatting recommendations. In her spare time, she enjoys urban nature, contemporary literature and the visual arts.

Tommi Ranta, D.Sc. (Econ. & BA)

Managing Director, Partner +358 40 588 2839

Tommi is an economist who has wandered off into the inspiring world of regional development. He loves numbers and has built his expertise through positions in the banking and university sectors, a regional development company, and, now, as an entrepreneur at MDI and Jakamo. Tommi did his PhD on networks and has worked for more than a decade with programme-based regional development, network management and innovation environment development. Tommi revels in challenging himself, successes, achieving visible results, and people who are passionate about their work.

Henrika Ruokonen, M.SC. (ADMIN.)

Specialist 040 848 5557

Henrika has a wide-ranging experience of regional development issues with a particular interest in leading with knowledge -issues. With her knowledge-based touch Henrika is able to grip the often-difficult issues of municipal and regional management in all, their complexity. Good analytical skills combined with illustrative and descriptive expression are Henrika’s strengths. In her previous positions she has been involved in innovation policy development projects, provincial strategy design and preparation work and in developing municipal management practices. In her spare time, she usually tries to relax by enjoying exercise, reading or finalising one of her many handicraft projects.

Kirsi Siltanen, M. Sc. (Admin)

Specialist 040 667 4678

On maternity leave 25.3.2020–

Kirsi’s background is in regional studies and regional development policy. She is currently finishing her doctoral dissertation on regional innovation policy. She is also specialised in cultural policy and in the creative industries. Previously, Kirsi worked as a researcher, network coordinator and project manager in regional government reform. As a versatile specialist she enjoys multifaceted projects demanding a cross-sectoral perspective.

Ilppo Soininvaara, M.Sc.

Specialist +358 50 411 0980

Ilppo is a planning geographer who is currently carrying out his doctoral studies. Ilppo has focused on a wide range of political and societal themes but with a particular focus on urban topics. Different qualitative analysis methods and futures techniques represent the spearhead of his versatile expertise. Ilppo is particularly excited about strategic planning, the development of methods and ‘understanding the bigger picture’. Spectator sports play an integral part of Ilppo's leisure time.

Satu Tolonen

Satu Tolonen, M.Sc. (Planning Geography)

Specialist +358 40 704 3247

On maternity leave 8.3.2019-

Satu is a planning geographer who excels in document, statistics and GIS analyses. On her desk, large data masses get transformed into neat and informative maps and graphs. Satu has a career background at the Ministry of Employment and the Economy and is intimately familiar with regional development issues and research at both the national and European levels. Satu is pedantic and thorough, ensuring that all her survey, interview and network analyses as well as final project reports are polished and visually sound. Satu is most fond of projects that require profound familiarisation and she always enjoys working together with others.

Mikko Valtakari, Lic. Phil. (Planning Geography)

Lead Specialist, Partner +358 40 569 1568

Mikko is a Planning Geographer who has extensive expertise in research-based impact evaluations and the design of organisations' operations and services. Mikko is especially interested in questions related to innovation, economic and labour market policies, subjects which he has both researched and consulted on for over 20 years. Mikko masters the art of expertly sketching out complex issues in easily understandable form and in tackling the root causes of difficult to understand phenomena.

Advisor Team

Kristiina Erkkilä, Ph.D, M.A.

Advisor, education and urban development 040 705 3952

Kristiina is an expert in education policy and urban development. She has gained extensive experience at various levels in the education field as well as from her time with the City of Espoo's Educational and Cultural services department and its many networks. A PhD in the United States in entrepreneurship education opened the door to international partnerships. Kristina has a proven track record in driving education innovation and promoting internationalisation. Amongst other things, Kristiina is interested in strategic and sustainable urban development, experimental culture, agile ecosystems and networking. Kristiina is excited about opening up new worlds, challenging herself and sparring with others.

Kari Hannus, M. Sc. (Tech.)

Advisor, land use, housing and traffic, municipal economics +358 50 2970

Kari is a senior urban development expert. His special expertise lies in planning, land use, housing and traffic issues. Kari has deepened his knowledge of municipal technology and municipal business during his time as the deputy mayor of the City of Pori. Kari is enthusiastic about managing the vitality of cities in general and the physical and functional development of city centres in particular.

Kristiina Helenius, M.Sc. (Econ)

Advisor, International affairs, United States +358 45 122 6051 / +1 202 365 9174

Kristiina has both exported Finland and imported foreign countries to Finland for almost twenty years. She has worked as a reporter, diplomat, NGO leader and as a consultant and has lived in Central Europe, Asia and the United States. She helped encourage foreign investments and the diffusion of knowledge in the context of Invest in Finland, Stubb and Ollila’s country brand working group and as a CEO for Amcham Finland. As the Nordic West Office leader for the United States she wants to make sure that the Nordic voice continues to get heard there. Her mission is to help Finnish actors from across the business world function in the United States.

Eero Holstila

Eero Holstila, M.Sc.Soc.

Senior Advisor, Urban Policy 050 567 2087

Eero is the ground breaker and the ‘grand old man’ of Finnish urban policy who has, as a sociologist, a nuanced way of understanding the world. Eero has previously held positions as i.e. the Director of Helsinki Urban Facts, the Director of the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development for the City of Helsinki, and the CEO and Chairman of the Board for Culminatum Innovation Ltd. He has an intelligent personality and he is an eloquent speaker. Urban development, “sparring” in urban strategy development, and policies for innovation and economic vitality, are at the core of his professional competencies. He also continues to participate in European urban development discussions. Outside the office, Eero is passionate about classical music and sports.

Timo Hämäläinen

Timo Hämäläinen, M.Sc., M.A.

Advisor, Urban Policy 040 510 0313

Timo is a geographer specialising in urban & regional planning issues and cultural policy. He is known as a sharp opinion leader with crisp writing skills. His blog,, dissects the inner workings of Finnish urban development. He is also an urbanist advocate as one of Urban Helsinki collective’s founding members. Timo masters the latest trends in urban development, the different dimensions of citizen activism and participation, as well as the particularities of developing city centres and the areas around transit nodes.

Lauri Lamminmäki, M. Pol. Sc

Advisor, municipal sector 044 971 5300

Lauri is an experienced and hands-on municipal professional with strong expertise in municipal management, municipal structure and service development as well as social&health and vitality issues. He understands well the ‘big picture’ in terms of the development of the municipal sector. Municipal decision-making mechanisms and everyday practices have become familiar along the way. Lauri has worked for the municipalities at the local, national and EU levels. His career began as a researcher at the Helsinki Regional Planning Association (now: Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council). Experience of municipal management and development has been accumulated along the way in positions such as deputy Mayor of Juankoski, trade promoter of Kirkkonummi and a Mayor of Kuusankoski and Kouvola among others. Lauri has been involved in legislative preparation, trustee and customer relationship management as an expert for the Association of Finnish Municipalities and as head of the Brussels office. In his spare time, Laurin often finds himself in a cottage, in the woods, or going fishing.

Petri Jalasto

Petri Jalasto, M.Sc. (Tech.)

Senior Advisor, Transport Policy

Petri is an expert in mobility systems and policy. During his former post at the Ministry of Transport and Communications, he fundamentally influenced the development of Finnish transport infrastructures – especially in urban areas. Petri is particularly interested in future-oriented studies and has been part of a professional movement to overcome the silo-thinking within public administration that affects the implementation of e.g. urban policies. Petri has also adventured in the world of contract-based development and is an able guide if you need to know how to make them work. Lately Petri has taken an interest in the servicizing of transportation, which he thinks will revolutionise the field of transportation in the near future.

Jari Kolehmainen, D.Sc. (Admin.)

Senior Advisor, urban and regional development +358 40 584 9077

Jari’s background is in regional studies and he is an expert in knowledge-based regional development. He works as a research director at the University of Tampere. Jari has worked in the field of regional innovation activities, economic development and innovation policies and strategic regional development for almost twenty years. In addition to academic research, he has been involved in numerous practical regional and urban development processes as lecturer, sparrer or external expert. Jari is a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ in the field of urban and regional development!

Natalia Rincon, M.Sc. Architecture, PHD candidate in Smart Cities

Advisor, Urban Policy 040 9359 824

Natalia is an architect and a computer science engineer focusing on citizen engagement, urban planning and smart cities. She is a founder and CEO at CHAOS architects Oy which develops the smart city platform which unites citizens, cities and developers - and provides urban analytics with citizen engagement, big data and forecasting. She is also writing her Doctoral Dissertation in urban planning at Aalto University. She dedicates her free time to the Green Party, where she serves as a deputy councillor and as a member of several urban planning boards in Tampere.

Chris Smith, M.Litt (Strategic Studies), PhD Candidate in Public Administration

Advisor 040 757 7573

Chris is a political scientist specialising in the politics of health care management and administration. His publication interests include ‘wild cards’ in futures research, Services of General Interest, European Social Policy, Comparative healthcare reform processes and Marketisation and accessibility to health care. He has extensive teaching and research project experience in an international environment having worked in the UK university sector and in a Nordic context in the Spatial Planning field. The primary themes of his doctoral studies at Tampere University are Agenda Setting in health care policy and Public Choice theory in public service provision Chris has become an avid sports fan now that participation is less realistic; friends and socialising are also very important as are his ‘zen moments’ with his dogs.

Osmo Soininvaara, Lic. (Soc. Sci.)

Senior Policy Advisor

Osmo is an iconic and eloquent thinker, speaker, and writer whose spiky and bold commentary excites discussion and opinions repeatedly. Following his long career as a Member of Parliament and appointment as Minister of Health and Social Services, Osmo now works as a non-fiction writer and professional lecturer. His position as the Vice Chair of Helsinki's City Planning Committee underlines that urban planning and development is the topic his energy is particularly focused on. Osmo is an active opinion leader in urban policy debates; his columns in Suomen Kuvalehti often deal with urban development and he has recently co-written a pamphlet called 'Kaupunkien voitto' together with Mikko Särelä for the Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA.

Antti Suvanto, Dr. Pol. Sc

Advisor, economy and finance

Antti is an economist who has enjoyed a long career in the Bank of Finland. He has international working experience from the Finnish Embassy in Brussels and the OECD Secretariat in Paris. He has also been a visiting researcher at the London School of Economics, New York University and the European University Institute. Prior to his career in the central bank, he worked for the Savings Bank Centre, the Research Institute of the Finnish Economy, the Yrjö Jahnsson Foundation and the University of Helsinki. Currently, he holds a visiting researcher position to the University of Helsinki. From the beginning of 2020, he will chair the Yrjö Jahnsson Foundation. Antti is an enthusiastic reader, concert-goer and he enjoys spending time in the Fiskars Village. Early fall fun includes riverside-biking in continental Europe.

Eila Valtanen, M. Sc., eMBA

Advisor, municipalities, forest and wood cluster, the North 040 056 9716

Eila has worked in numerous positions e.g. as Director of the Finnish Forest Centre in Kainuu and as Mayor of Kuhmo. The Woodpolis RD-Centre ( was built on Eila’s initiative and has been a fundamental part of the Kainuu wood construction success story. She has also gained in-depth experience in the regional development of Kainuu and Lapland, such as the administration experiment in Kainuu. Strategic thinking is at the heart of Eila's expertise. She is an excellent speaker, event hostess and facilitator, also in German and English. Eila regularly writes blogs and columns. She has joined the Lapland tourist boom as a service entrepreneur. Close to the heart of a creative and versatile woman are Northern Nature, the Kuhmo Chamber Music and the Sodankylä Film Festivals.

Matti Vatilo, Architect


Matti is a multidisciplinary expert in town planning, urban development, municipal sector and housing. At the Ministry of the Environment, he has headed the Planning, Land Policy and Regional Planning Unit. Matti is known for developing the Municipal-State Partnership for land use, housing and transport (MAL). As a chairman of the board of A-Kruunu, he is well aware of the current twists and turns of housing policy. Matt is also interested in cultural environmental issues and sustainable development of the built environment.

Jukka Vesalainen

Jukka Vesalainen, D.Sc. (Econ. & BA)

Senior Advisor 050 562 5048

Jukka is a professor in management and organisation, a pioneer in Finnish network research, and the founder of MDI. Jukka is interested in organisations and their cooperation and is well-known within the Finnish technology industry as a pragmatic researcher and developer. In addition to his professorial position, Jukka works actively as a strategy sparrer and developer and participates in the steering of small and medium-sized enterprises. In his free time, Jukka enjoys physical exercise and has a reputation as a ‘soft-handed’ and unstoppable centre forward at the ice hockey rink.

Established partners

Mari Dawe,

Client Manager +358 50 441 3209

Mari looks at things from a wider perspective and asks constantly, … why? Mari has over ten years’ experience of the advertising industry and of managing large customer cases. Being empathetic, Mari takes customers' wishes into account and empowers clients to look ‘outside the box’. Mari has, for example, created the ‘new look’ for the City of Seinäjoki.

BSTR Luova Konttori is an advertising agency whose aim is to ‘get to the nub’ of things and of clients’ needs. We dive deep, aim high and create sustainable ideas. Successful ideas are our most important product. We combine creativity and marketing knowledge with data and technology. We are in total 25 experts ready to form a suitable team for every customer.

Jouko Järnefelt,

Senior Analyst, Ubigu Oy 050 373 3638

Jouko is a something of a mix between urban planner and a data-analyst, with a skillset varying from strategic planning and GIS to big data and predictive analytics. When Jouko is not looking for better solutions from data, he is ambitiously helping organisations on questions regarding strategic area planning, smart cities, digitisation, data management and knowledge management. If you get lost in complexity, visionary and visually talented Jouko will help you find the way out.

Jouko Luukkonen, M.Sc. (Admin.), MBA

Owner, entrepreneur, LGR-Consulting Oy +358 45 189 3138

Jouko has extensive experience of managing municipalities, networks, municipal development and board work. He has worked both as a mayor and as a change manager. His particular interests include a focus on the interfaces between a municipality and a region. He is currently finishing his Doctoral Thesis on regional social and health care actors for Tampere University.

Minna Utriainen,

COO, Strategist, Avidly +358 40 834 4482

Minna is a bold strategic communications expert. She is driven by a constant curiosity and desire to understand people, deliver results and responsibly change the world. Behind the new perspectives are passion, attitude and nearly 20 years of experience in strategic communications and tactical marketing.

Avidly is a marketing agency with more than 240 experts in the Nordic countries, across 16 locations. We at Avidly are adventurous and are constantly looking for new paths towards a better tomorrow.

Board of directors

Janne Antikainen, Lic.Phil. (Human Geography)

Development Director, Partner, Chairman +358 40 764 1829

Jarl Matti Anttila, M.Sc. (Econ. & BA)

Partner, Board Member 041 439 2582

Anssi Uitto, M.Sc. (Tech.)

Partner, Board Member 040 527 3844