Information services and data analysis

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Our specialty is analyses and reviews related to the development of the regions, based on statistical, spatial, register and survey data. Our most popular services are vitality and attraction analyses for different areas, on the basis of which development takes place with the help of real data.

We want to bring more reliable information to bear on societal issues and development.

Resources for public administration information management

We help to develop processes supporting the utilisation and compilation of information. We are familiar with the data and information needs of large-scale regional development in public administration, but our work also includes development plans that delve deeper into customers’ operating models and the utilisation of information.

We develop the knowledge base and monitor and anticipate trends in regional development. From the available data, we build relevant sets of indicators that meet the required objectives. We also solve challenges related to the production and availability of information in cooperation with our customers.

You will have access to our skills in data processing, analysis, visualisation, interpretation and utilisation.

Analyses, statistical packages and development reviews

We break down the information and simplify it into an easily digestible format. We use a variety of methods to help us create a variety of information products.

The methods we use include

  • automation of information processes
  • ensuring the quality of information
  • statistical modelling
  • spatial data analyses
  • visual analytics
  • proactive analytics and
  • optimising.

The key words related to our work are development, current status, anticipation and scenarios.

Finished Information Products

  • thought-provoking performances and data visualisations
  • reviews of the wider impact of public (development) projects and measures
  • accessibility analyses, modelling and service network studies.

Our visualisation experts, known for their beautiful handiwork, conjure up inspiring and understandable sets of data. We produce, for example,

  • interactive graphs
  • maps
  • infographics

In our visualisations, we use a variety of tools, such as Power BI and Tablet, as well as QGIS and Esri ArcGIS geospatial software.

We service municipalities and regions

We have carried out data analyses and developed data management services for municipalities, cities and various other governance areas. We help with data issues. If you need further information or require some analysis work, please feel free to contact us!

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