Strategies and programmes

We encourage decisions to be based on knowledge. We are particularly familiar with regional and municipal growth strategies, vitality programmes and strategic development and management. The possibilities inherent in our information services can be seamlessly combined with strategy work. We always do the groundwork for strategies and programmes carefully. Often we begin a project with desktop work in order to understand the current ‘state of the art’ around the topic.

We pilot the strategy work of regions, organisations and networks, formulate development programmes and create inspiring roadmaps for the future.

Involvement in strategy and programming

From the outset, we seek to promote a dialogue with everyone impacted by the work in hand. We invest in an inclusive and enthusiastic approach.

  • In our workshops, we bring together all of the people who are relevant to the topic and hear their perspectives.
  • Focus group discussions seek to delve beyond the surface issues and, when the situation so requires, and to facilitate common interpretations and goals.
  • If the opinions of a larger crowd are required, we can utilise sophisticated survey tools through which we have received such responses from tens of thousands of people.
  • If necessary, we undertake a network analysis that examines the dynamics of the network and helps to find new partners.

We provide friendly support but we are also straight-talking and are prepared to say the difficult things that sometimes need to be said. We support the strategy makers to choose and prioritise what to do. The text of the programme and strategy produced is eye-catching and contagious while strategy implementation does not always follow the most obvious and predictable paths. As a developer/partner, we are involved in both making and operating.

Communication makes work visible

The best strategies and programmes are not hidden in the desk drawer but end up as topics of conversation and as part of everyday life. If the customer so wishes, we package the completed strategies and programmes into visually interesting splash booklets or roadmaps.

We are happy to invest in communication throughout the project and are happy to offer our customers communications support. We know that every customer is different. That is why we always tailor the service to each project and implement the end result in accordance with their requirements.

We have been trusted by several municipalities and cities, urban areas and counties, as well as, for example, Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences Ltd, Sevas Kodit Oy, Keuke and Josek, to clarify their strategies.

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