People’s archipelago – updating the national archipelago development programme

The current archipelago programme was completed in 2019. It was drawn up utilising an extensive participation process with more than 2,100 inhabitants of the archipelago and other people interested in archipelago affairs consulted during the preparation process. The voice of the islanders will be heard in the programme update, specifically through a series of workshops. The plan is to take the programme in a more strategic direction and, for example, to record in it the measures that are currently missing.

The update work consists of the following steps, through which it will be possible to update the archipelago programme up to 2027:
1. Understanding the current state and operating environment
2. Inclusive working
3. Designing the updates of the People’s Archipelago programme

In addition, the strengthening of strategy goes along with all work phases.

MDI produces the work in cooperation with Spatia.