Workshops, webinars, lectures and camps

We specialise in encouraging good ideas through co-creation methods and in aggregating and crystallising the feelings even of larger groups of people into common understandings. We know how to ask the right questions when you need to know what people think, or when you need to come up with something new together with a sparring partner.

We perform this magic in workshops and innovation camps. When one of our experts is required at an event, we are happy to provide a number of service offerings including, giving lectures, providing seminar facilitation or making a speech.

Our workshops seek common wisdom

The workshop is intended to represent a departure from everyday working life. With different teamwork methods and tools, you will learn how to work differently. Working at its best, a workshop can help generate new ideas or clarify a common vision. We offer fresh digital tools for workshop facilitation, making the work smooth, inclusive and intuitive. The ‘consultant’s bag’ contains both traditional and innovative tools. We always choose the most suitable tools in accordance with the participants wishes and goals.

Facilitation means, among other things, that with our help you achieve a common understanding of the issue at hand. In the workshop, we act as an external, impartial, expert. This creates a good framework for discussion and decision-making. Facilitation clarifies, engages and helps you to use your time efficiently.

Virtual workshops and webinars

The virtual workshop solves the challenges posed by remoteness. We professionally implement the facilitation of virtual workshops and other events. Usually, our team is made up of at least two experts, one of whom acts as a technical facilitator and ensures the operation of the electronic tools and a smooth and inspiring participatory experience.

We have various technical solutions and participatory methods for organising virtual workshops. At its best, a virtual workshop provides a close and effective way to interact. Whether it is a face-to-face or virtual workshop, we take care of its smooth delivery while promoting the event’s goal attainment on behalf of the client.

Innovation camps

For the more adventurous customer, we organise intensive one-day (or longer) development camps where new ideas sparkle. Camps can be held in a familiar environment if desired, but the best idea is usually to visit somewhere new. If necessary, we can make all the arrangements from the outline content of the camp to the practical details and you get a new way of thinking and acting. Development camps provide a good way to clear away the cobwebs of old ideas and old ways of thinking, generate sparkling new ideas and foster increased collaboration.

What clients have said about our camps

“Good, efficiently spent time. It’s wonderful to get away from everyday routines and just use your head.”

“A really good and inspiring experience. I recommend it.”

“An inspiring atmosphere, time and freedom just to come up with ideas.”

We organise more than 100 different workshops or camps a year, with participants ranging from a few to more than 200 people. We have run workshops, camps and lectures, e.g. for development companies and several cities across Finland.

See a list of our previous workshops, lectures and camps in the references.

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