Regional vitality

We study and develop the operating and development conditions for regional vitality, industries and companies. The business sector needs know-how and an operating environment in which new sectors can emerge, grow and always transform themselves into competitive and value-added branches of the economy. 

Regulation, public funding and support play a key role in creating incentives for development that benefits the economy as a whole. The role of the public authorities in the economy however requires appropriately targeted action to achieve the necessary level of sustainable development.

In addition to digitalisation and changes in traditional industries, the green transition and the effects of climate change are changing production structures and labour needs. Managing this change requires a strong knowledge base in respect of effective public interventions, as well as the ability to support actors over the transition phases.

In this light we strive to support regional vitality and faith in the future across a variety of communities, rural areas and cities. Our vitality studies and research are often developmental in nature, supporting clients to identify and reinforce their own vitality factors.

Our recent work on vitality has included programmes and strategies that have supported the vitality and growth of various cities, openings in feminist vitality policies and work on the structure of the economy.

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