Co-development and communication


In our co-development work, we bring together information producers and users to build solutions to a jointly defined challenge. Co-development helps to create ownership and build understanding between different parties.

In co-development, we bring our factual and knowledge base to the table and add the power of cooperation. This results in end products, such as studies that are

  • transparent in terms of assumptions and methods
  • informative in terms of findings
  • critical to the findings
  • multifaceted in terms of analysis.

We are constantly developing our dialogue capabilities and facilitating processes that bring information producers and users together in dialogue to weigh up their options. We are interactive and open and we seek to generate answers by any means available. We seek to always facilitate the customer’s needs.

We support decision-making with jointly developed and researched information. The results of the work we do have a social significance at least for the client of the work, but often also for the stakeholders more generally and for a wider societal audience. It is our goal to provide the right information in support of client’s decision-making.

The research information we produce helps to highlight effectiveness issues and enables the client to better communicate their goals to their own stakeholders.


If the customer so wishes, our communication experts can help to communicate the research results across various channels or support their project work and project communication from the beginning.

As communication services we offer

  • communication strategies and plans
  • stakeholder analysis
  • mapping of core messages
  • high-quality communication materials (report layouts, abstracts, bulletins, room boards, materials)
  • sparring of communications

As part of our client package we can produce an expertly crafted, inviting, independent and unique publication that will increase the effectiveness of the produced research. Images, graphs and visualisations make the research results easier to understand, thus making them easier to communicate. You can order the entire study from us in a visual layout style that creates an interesting information package that you can distribute to your stakeholders in either printed or electronic form. If necessary, we will provide customised footage for the report.

The skills we have are implemented by our own graphic designer Anssi Kumpula, who specialises in visualising research reports and demanding layout. We are also able to produce finished products to the same high standard as our Finnish language work  in both English and Swedish, with texts edited by native speakers.

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