Public administration governance and reforms

We support the processes and practices of public administration planning, guidance and implementation, as well as their reform, at the local, regional, national and international levels.

Administrative control refers to public management and the set of processes, procedures, systems and practices that implement it. Leadership and guidance have a close relationship with each other. Management refers in particular to the policies and procedures by which the management of an entity or organisation seeks to achieve its objectives. The development of governance, in turn, seeks to strike a balance between operations, finances, efficiency and effectiveness.

In public governance, we support both traditional and innovative creative systemic management and leadership processes and manage both traditional means of performance management, resource, norm and information management as well as network management and multidisciplinary systemic and phenomenon-driven management.

We support the reform and control of public power processes and the knowledge-based reform of structures and institutions, organisations, units and communities.

In recent years, we have used the Steering 2020 project (VN TEAS) to discover, among other things, the current state and development of governmental governance procedures and to provide information for Finnish governance policy discussions through policy papers, blog posts and podcasts.