Henrika Ruokonen

I have wide-ranging expertise in regional development. I am particularly familiar with network-like and knowledge-based development. With my knowledge-based approach I embrace topics related to municipal and regional management with all their tones. I have participated in e.g., strategy and anticipation work associated with different regions and networks, evaluating and researching processes of co-development and experimental activities and developing practices related to knowledge-based management. I am a regional scientist by education.
The future is built based on lessons of the past that are being interpreted based on the understanding of the present and our wishes.

Kolehmainen, J.; Ruokonen, H.; Heinonen, T. Tulevaisuuden kehittämisyhtiöt rajanylittäjinä. Focus Localis (2019). Focus Localis 3/2019. s.25-46.  

Raunio, M.; Nordling, N.; Saarinen, J.; Ketola, T.; Ruokonen, H.. Avoin innovaatioalusta kaupunkikehittämisen lähestymistapana. Käsikirja kehittäjille 2.0. Yhteiskuntatieteiden laitos, Tampereen yliopisto (2018). TaSTI Working papers 11/2018. https://6aika.fi/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Avoin-innovaatioalusta-kaupunkikehitta%CC%88misen-la%CC%88hestymistapana.pdf 

Moodie, J.; Rinne, T.; Alakerttula, J.; Ruokonen, H.; Leino, J. Developing and managing innovation ecosystems in the circular economy – outline of a digital monitoring tool. Nordig Regio (2018). Nordregio Policy Brief 2018:4. http://doi.org/10.30689/PB2018:4.2001-3876    

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