Service design for the SIXNET network

The goal of the SIXNET network project is to create the conditions for sustainable industrial network cooperation and to support cooperation between public actors and industrial business networks. It aims to strengthen the vitality and attractiveness of the regions and accelerate the operating conditions of companies in the global market. In the project, a long-term and strong multi-regional cooperation model will be built, common tools will be constructed and roadshow events will be organised in different parts of Finland, aimed at developing common methods of operation and cooperation projects. The network is coordinated by Business Tampere with partners Business Jyväskylä, Business Oulu, Into Seinäjoki and Linnan Kehitys Ltd. Thus, the project covers five regions with the goal of expanding into other important industrial areas across Finland. The work will focus on developing and designing the permanent operating model of the SIXNET network. In addition, the preliminary vision, structure and operating methods of the SIXNET network will also be developed. MDI facilitates the service design process of the SIXNET network by facilitating workshops, conducting interviews and facilitating planning sessions.The result of the work is a vision formed for the SIXNET network cooperation and descriptions of the structure and operating models of the network cooperation process.