Kaukajärvi-Annala district vision

The City of Tampere is implementing a district programme for Kaukajärvi and Annala between 2023 and 2025. Its core is to promote the attractiveness and well-being of the area in a rapidly developing city. MDI, FCG, Nordic Works will carry out a visioning project to serve the district programme, which will involve a co-creation process together with residents, actors and the city’s administrative units. The goal is to clarify the area’s strengths, unique characteristics, challenges, and the most appropriate directions for future development. The project is divided into three main phases. The first is to look into various sources to compile a situational picture of the direction where Kaukajärvi and Annala are heading. Second, workshops will be held with the local community to identify the key elements of the vision. Finally, the district vision elements are assembled into an illustrative package followed by the drafting of a supporting action plan. The finalized district vision and action plan will serve as a tool and guide for different city agencies to advance their work within the Kaukajärvi and Annala district programme.