Finding the right path forwards together

Dreaming of growth, vitality or the winds of change?

We can help you to clarify your strategy and formulate your programme text to help you in the right direction. We are particularly familiar with the growth strategies, vitality programmes and strategic development and management of regions and municipalities.

We encourage decision making to be based on knowledge, so the opportunities provided by our information services can be seamlessly integrated into the process.

We guide the strategic work for regions, organisations and networks, formulate development programmes and develop inspiring roadmaps for the future. 

With us, you will be heard

Our strategies are not ‘one-size-fits-all’ products, we always do our groundwork
carefully to create a bespoke product reflecting client needs. Generally, we begin with desktop work in order to determine the current ‘state of the art’ in relation to the topic.
 This is how to start the project quickly. In the early stages of the strategy process, we invite all those involved in the strategy work to invest in an inclusive and inspiring approach.

In workshops, we gather together key people and hear their perspectives. Focus group discussions allow us to delve deeper into the topics. If you need opinions from a larger group, we use advanced survey tools to get the answers you require. We can generate survey answers from tens of thousands of people. If necessary, we can conduct a network analysis to determine the dynamics of your network and help you find new partners.

Just the right amount of criticism

We are a friend who dares to say it outright. We enable the strategy makers to choose and prioritise what to do. The text of the programme and strategy produced by us is striking and catchy while strategy implementation invariably does not follow the most obvious and predictable tracks. As a development partner, we are involved in both making and acting.

A report you dare to show to your friends

The best strategies do not hide in the drawer but end up being widely discussed and, ultimately, a part of 
everyday life. Completed strategies and programmes are packaged visually as interesting road maps or books as the need arises.

We will be happy to invest in communication throughout the project and we will also provide communication support for if required. We always bear in mind that every customer is different. That is why we always tailor the service to the project meaning that you get the result according to your own measurements and criteria.

Numerous municipalities and cities, urban areas and counties have already trusted us to help clarify their strategies including, for instance, Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences, Sevas Kodit Oy, Keuke and Josek.

See all of our strategies and programmes in Showroom.