Ilppo Soininvaara

In the future I want to see cities that function better. I work in particular with urban development, strategy work and scenario and futures reviews. I am a geographer from Helsinki and I am receiving my doctorate in 2022 my topic being the policy of urbanisation. In my thesis I extensively examine the trajectories of urbanisation, the political debate related to it and different strategic interests.

Soininvaara, I. (2020). An analysis of ‘global closures’ and ‘national openings’ in the politics of urbanization. Geografiska Annaler: Series B, Human Geography, 102(4), 341-357.

Soininvaara, I. (2021). The spatial hierarchies of a networked state: historical context and present-day imaginaries in Finland. Territory, Politics, Governance, 1-20.

Soininvaara, I. (2022). The political geographies of strategic partnerships: City deals and non-deals. Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space, 23996544211064743.

Soininvaara, I. (2022). The politics of urbanization : From a global imperative to national struggles. Helsingin Yliopisto.

Moisio, S., & Soininvaara, I. (2017). Kunta, maakunnallinen itsehallinto ja Suomen aluekehittämisjärjestelmä. Teoksessa: Tulevaisuuden kunta: Acta nro 264 (pp. 312-324). Kuntaliitto.

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