Situational picture of the needs in respect of land use, industry and infrastructure, preliminary study

The national transport system plan (Liikenne12) contains an entry according to which the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, Traficom – the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency, municipalities, urban regions and the industrial community are to maintain a situational picture of the municipalities’ land use and industry needs in relation to the development of the state’s highway network. MDI is preparing a preliminary study of the situational picture for the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency. The study examines various needs in respect of the creation, maintenance and utilisation of the situational picture in question. The study determines its main features, how it should function and what kinds of information it should be based on; who should be involved in its preparation and maintenance, what kind of information production is required and who is responsible for it, as well as, for example, how the situational picture and its maintenance should be technically implemented and how it will be more effectively used.