Transport investments in Norden’s greater urban areas

On behalf of the City of Helsinki and Helsinki Region Transport (HSL), MDI analysed the transport investment levels of Nordic urban regions in relation to the Helsinki region. The comparison looked at the investments over, roughly, the last ten years as well as the planned and estimated investment levels for the coming years. The report examined data from Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Oslo and Copenhagen in relation to the corresponding data from Helsinki. MDI disclosed how much is invested in different modes of transport in the regions, identifying the responsibilities of different actors (municipalities, regions, central government), and the kinds of contracts or other financing models upon which the investments are based. In addition, for example, the effects of congestion charges in use in the regions on investments were examined, as well as cost-benefit calculations in respect of various investments and other, perhaps more qualitatively justified, factors. 

As a result of the analysis, it can be seen how, in the Helsinki region, investments in transport investments are at a relatively good level compared to the size of the region. However, in the Helsinki region, investments are clearly more focused on car traffic, while investments in cycling, for example, remain quite small. In addition, the central government participates in transport investments in the Helsinki region with significantly smaller investments than is the case in the other Nordic countries in comparison with their large urban regions.