Expert assistance to support the preparation of the national regional development decision

The regional development decision (ALKE decision) guides the development of the regions of various administrative branches and provincial associations, and
coordination of measures. The regional development decision is prepared by the Ministry of Labor and the Economy in cooperation with other ministries, regional associations and other parties central to regional development. The regional development decision will be prepared by the end of the first year of the government term. The regional development decision includes at least the development goals and their more detailed description, guidelines for the implementation of the goals in different administrative sectors, an estimate of the resources directed to the development, and qualitative and quantitative monitoring data to measure the implementation of the measures and regional development effects.

The regional development advisory board (AUNE) guides the preparation, implementation and monitoring of the regional development decision. MDI provides expert assistance to support the preparation of the ALKE decision. The expert help for the regional development decision consists of facilitating the workshop work, documenting, implementing the survey, developing monitoring and creating a visual look.