Janne Sinerma

I work with e.g., evaluations, studies and strategy sparrings. My specialty and areas of interest relate to different situations in respect of structural change and regional resilience. My current position kicked off with a rapid assignment to help facilitate an innovation camp held in Kainuu. I am a human geographer by education and have a strong expertise in strategic development. Previously I have worked in the Centre for Regional Research Spatia and as a joint employee for Päijänne-Leader and Etpähä ry.

Hirvonen, T., Kahila, P., Kurvinen, A., Lehtonen, O, & Sinerma, J. Maaseudun valokuituinvestoinnit. (2020) Kuntaliitto https://www.kuntaliitto.fi/julkaisut/2020/2051-maaseudun-valokuituinvestoinnit 

ESPON ESCAPE – European Shrinking Rural Areas, Challenges, Actions and Perspectives for Territorial Governance. (2020) ESPON https://www.espon.eu/escape

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