Business City Joensuu

Joensuu City – The most attractive in the East strategy defines “Business City Joensuu” as one of the differentiating factors. Group-level goals for the city’s growth, business policy and entrepreneur-friendliness have been defined in more detail in the strategy of the city of Joensuu.

Through this process, during the beginning of 2023, a more precise target layout, content and measures will be defined for Company City Joensuu, which will make up the Company City Joensuu program.

The end product of the work will be the Joensuu business city program in MS Powerpoint format, which will be approved by the city council. The program is drawn up for the city of Joensuu, but it will guide the activities of the entire city group in the future.

The customer is responsible for directing the work and matters related to the event facilities, i.e. e.g. about the necessary room reservations and their costs, catering and registration for events. Surveys and interviews related to the preparation of the program can be carried out based on the contact information of the customer registers of the city and the city’s partners. In addition to MDI, the subscriber also markets and distributes the survey in their own channels.

Creating the program is a widely inclusive, stimulating and interactive process. In addition to pre-interviews of companies and relevant stakeholders, the work includes an extensive survey of company coverage, in-depth interviews and working together in workshops.