National Real Estate Strategy 2040

The work examined the development of the real estate sector in Finland up to 2040. The work is based on MDI’s updated population forecasts. Four different scenarios were constructed around these population forecasts. Based on the data, the development of the number of households was evaluated. In the calculations, a trend calculation was also made for the assumed decrease in the size of households. In addition to residential properties, the work evaluated the development of the number of school and kindergarten properties as well as care properties required up to 2040. The results were presented at the level of wellbeing service counties which came into being at the beginning of 2023.

The results will be published on 28th of February 2024. In addition to MDI staff, FCG’s real estate experts also participated in the work. The project’s clients are the Ministry of Finance, the Ministy of the Environment, Finnish Property Owners Rakli, The Finnish Real Estate Federation and the association of Finnish local and regional Authorities.