Residential area survey of the capital region

The aim of the work was to analyse the attractiveness, future development and potential of the selected metropolitan areas for student housing in the Helsinki region from the perspective of HOAS activities. The work combines statistical analysis of districts, documentary analysis of urban development plans, more detailed data on the client, and modelling of future development in terms of population and household-dwelling units. The work examined the districts of interest on the basis of the statistical sub-areas of the municipalities. The statistical subdivisions are the territorial division formed by the cities themselves, which corresponds relatively well to the traditionally perceived boundaries of urban areas in the metropolitan area.

The work consisted of four sections:

  1. A state-of-the-art analysis that provides an overview of the actual development of districts in terms of population, jobs, employment, socio-economic and housing.
  2. Analysis of migration, which examines the profile of people moving into and out of the area, as well as any changes in migration flows.
  3. Documentary analysis, reviewing key urban documents from the point of view of the development of the regions concerned, examining how each region is going to be developed and what is going to change in relation to the current one and how the desired target state is described by region.
  4. Population projection, which models the baseline data of the current state analysis as well as the future development of the population, demographic structure and household-dwelling units of each district based on the MDI population projection model during 202240/2050.


The work first carried out a general analysis of the development of the selected areas in relation to the development of the whole city. Based on this analysis, a picture was created of the key trends and current state of the relevant districts and the structure of future development, which allows for a more accurate analysis of the future development of individual districts. In addition, an accurate analysis of the future was prepared separately for each of the districts listed by HOAS. In the futures analysis, a picture was formed of the current state of the district, key changes and future images, as well as the risks and opportunities associated with these from the customer’s point of view.