Facilitation of OmaStadi workshops

OmaStadi is the City of Helsinki’s way of providing participatory budgetary services to its residents. Helsinki has allocated 8.8 million euros to the realisation of residents’ wishes. The budget is divided according to population into 7 major districts in addition to proposals for the whole city. MDI supported the OmaStadi project by participating in the facilitation of the workshops in each major district. In the workshops, participants worked in groups to refine the resident#s proposals in such a way that they could subsequently be put to a vote at a later stage. MDI consulted the client on the content and technology of the workshops and was responsible for the technical implementation of the virtual workshops. Together with city employees, MDI facilitated eight – approximately two-hour long – virtual workshops, each involving four facilitators from the MDI side who were familiar with both the OmaStadi process and in the facilitation of resident suggestions.