Evaluation of the effectiveness of the Oulu Innovation Alliance’s (OIA)

In cooperation with VTT, MDI supported the evaluation of the effectiveness of the Oulu Innovation Alliance’s (OIA) strategy and the realization of the goals set for joint work. Ecosystem-like and network-like activities are today’s answer for the implementation of the cities’ mission-oriented innovation and vitality policy. Understanding and evaluating this entity and its interactive dynamics requires new approaches and metrics that also take into account the added value of ecosystems for companies, research organizations and, more broadly, for the renewal of business life and society.

The implementation was based on previous development work in the network of the Finnish university cities, implemented as part of the ecosystem contracts between the central government and the cities, also in the area of monitoring and evaluating effectiveness. In the project the reference framework for the impact evaluation was drawn up and applied to the implementation of the evaluation. The end result was an impact assessment and monitoring model to be applied in the future as well.