VN TEAS: Activities of municipalities and welfare areas in housing and housing services for older people (IKÄHYVIS)

Under the health and social services reform, the organisation of housing services moved from municipalities and jointed municipal boards to the new wellbeing services counties. All other housing tasks such as zoning, residential development, anticipation of housing needs for older people and welfare and health promotion tasks however remained at the municipal level. How the various activities are actually organised in the wellbeing services counties and municipalities will however be essential to the success of the reform, specifically in terms of how cooperation is planned and conducted. For this reason, more research information was needed on effective solutions, means and policies related to the housing of an elderly population, in particular from the perspective of effectiveness and cost-effectiveness. It was also important to discover new working models and solutions from the perspective of changing tasks.

The project was funded by the Government’s survey and research activities. FCG Finnish Consulting was the main implementor of the project, in addition to MDI, Association of Finnish Municipalities and Tahituuri Oy. The project’s materials included, for example, literature and documentary analysis, statistical indicators, interviews with the planners responsible for services for the aged in the case study municipalities/wellbeing services counties. In addition, the project undertook a series of regional workshops and participatory meetings with a group of experts.

This study produced a broad picture in respect of effective and cost-effective policies and means in the municipalities and joint municipal boards. At the same time, proposals for measures and recommendations in respect of the development and promotion of future housing for older people were also drawn up.