VALUMA: The regional model of network cooperation

The Government commissioned a study project to provide information on different operating models and funding options for regional development network cooperation. The aim was to support the launch of regional and urban development network cooperation under the Government Programme and the preparation of national regional development priorities and instruments. The main objective of the project was to explore alternatives for regional development networking cooperation policies and funding options and to make proposals for networking opportunities for deepening cooperation and partnership between urban, rural and island policies. The project explored the question of which approach would best support voluntary and diverse networking and peer learning in the regions. Secondly, it explored how networks could support the implementation of national regional development priorities and other objectives and what kind of pre-evaluation framework can be put in place for a networked approach. It was essential to identify and evaluate the impact that the proposed approach or models can be expected to have. The project was part of a study and research plan to support Government decision-making. MDI carried out a research project on regional cooperation network cooperation models (VALUMA project) in cooperation with Forefront Oy and Nordregio.