Survey of Lapland’s housing market – survey and development plan on the current state of housing and housing production and development opportunities in Lapland

The survey maps and analysis information focus on construction, as well as land policy programmes and means. The work is tasked with investigating the attractiveness factors of residential areas in the study municipalities and collecting and collating the views of residents and real estate agents on the most attractive residential areas and types of apartments, by means of an electronic survey. Information on the volume and distribution of housing supply and construction as well as information on the sale of old housing has been compiled as background information. In addition, innovative housing solutions in the area are also mapped. During the work, resident profiles, migration, the importance of multi-location housing and knowledge work in housing production will be defined, while the business and service sector’s view of their employees’ housing needs will also be clarified. The work also explores the boundary conditions related to housing finance and identifies key regulations related to housing and their changes. The work includes material analysis and telephone interviews. A total of three workshops will be organised. The output is reproduced in the form of municipality-specific information cards.