Study on the dormitory services of Jyväskylä’s Educational Consortium, Gradia

FCG and MDI carried out a survey of its dormitory services for Gradia. The aim of the study was to understand the overall operation and the financial profitability of dormitories as well as the effect of student dormitories on the number of students in vocational education. The central questions of the work task were as follows:
– What effect does the dormitory operation have on student volumes?
– Will the organisation of dormitory services in the future be economically and functionally in line with the purpose? If so, in what form and scope does it make sense to organise dormitory services?

The report will be used as the basis for defining the future target state of Gradia’s student dormitories. The report dealt with two Gradia dormitories: Harju student dormitory / Jyväskylä and Myllymäki student dormitory / Jämsänkoski. The source material provided by the customer and the material obtained through interviews and surveys was used as the database of the work. As a final result, alternative future descriptions of the organisation of dormitory activities and their pros/cons were presented.