Scenario work on Malmi development

Malmi is one of the major business and service centres outside the inner city in the new master plan for Helsinki. In order to begin the redevelopment of the area, the City of Helsinki’s City Planning Service has produced the Malmi City Vision which was part of this prospective study. The work was divided into three sections, the first explored possible future scenarios for the development of downtown Malmi and Malmi Airport. The second outlined three desirable visions for the future based on scenarios which outlined what life in Malmi could be like in the future. The third explored ways of attaining a positive result while also exploring the possible effects of the different visions. The work utilised MDI’s vitality framework. Malmi already has many good qualities which could be strengthened, as well as clear potential for improvement; The centre of Malmi is well connected within the rail transport system with a fast and direct connection to the central train station but is internally divided into Upper and Lower Malmi. Malmi already has regional public services and a regional centre structure, albeit a loose and fragmented one. Malmi’s rawness and strong local entrepreneurship can be also used to build an identity. There are opportunities for significant changes in the development of the centre and the creation of new attraction factors. The work was undertaken in close cooperation with Nordic Works. (