Preparation of Nokia ‘s culture programme

MDI supports the city of Nokia in preparing its culture programme with a special focus on building commitment. The cultural programme provides an opening for further strategic work in the arts and culture sector. Through this, the promotion of arts and culture will be positioned as part of the city’s strategic work. The work is also framed by a relatively new law on municipal cultural activities. The aim of the programme work is to promote strategic goals for cultural services, to clarify their positioning as part of the whole organisation and to create cross-administrative links between different industries. The aim is to make the operational logic of the services more user-oriented and participatory. In addition, the city’s relationship with external actors locally and regionally is outlined. The preparatory work consists of the following measures: 1) Description and links to the current state of cultural activities, 2) Workshops and participatory work, 3) Compilation of the programme and 4) Formatting of the programme document and presentation.