Planning and facilitation of the Southern Finland AVI-ELY cooperation meeting

The ‘cooperation days’ for the environmental experts of Southern Finland’s ELY Centres and the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland were organised on February 15-16, 2023. MDI facilitated the two-day cooperation event and helped in its planning and organisation. 

The event was organised in cooperation with the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland and the ELY Centres of Uusimaa, Häme, Southeast Finland and Southwest Finland. The aim and overarching theme of the event was to improve AVI-ELY cooperation and for the participating experts to get to know each other and network better across agency boundaries. More than 100 environmental experts attended the event. The event discussed cooperation between environmental responsibility areas from the perspectives of current themes and different procedures (for example YSL and VL permitting and monitoring, EIA and nature conservation). Group work discussions covered e.g., how the previously agreed cooperation methods between AVI and ELY have worked and how they could be further developed in future.