New business development companies to Päijät-Häme region

MDI has studied organising business development services in Päijät-Häme region during the first months of the year. As a result, a draft version of report was handed out to the clients. The report proposes to new business development companies to be established in Päijät-Häme region. Tourism Promotion Company has been preliminarily named as Visit Lahti and it’s proposed to be established on the basis of existing Lahti Region Company. Visit Lahti’s main objectives include promotion of tourism, marketing and sales in co-operation with SMEs and municipalities in the region with special focus being put on international connections. Business Development Company has been preliminarily named as Lahti Business Region and it’s proposed to be established around existing regional development company called Ladec. Lahti Business Region aims at providing advisory services for setting up start-up companies and changing ownership in SMEs as well as acting as a platform for strategic development projects within the region.