KARVI, Statistical review of the school network

Karvi conducts an evaluation of the impact of school closures on which MDI conducted a statistical review of the impact of school network development on vitality. The review relies on extensive statistical reviews of the school network, the population and the variables that describe vitality. The basis for this review is the definition of key concepts and typologies (e.g. vitality) which provides a comprehensive overview of regional development at the national, regional (provincial) and local levels (municipality). In addition, the review also examines the internal development of municipalities, in order to better understand local level developments.The second phase of the work (deepened analysis) takes a closer look at the connection between the school network and vitality in the case study municipalities by making comprehensive use of data at different regional level and zones formed on the basis of spatial data. The purpose here is to describe, through case municipalities, the diverse impact of school closures in a different environment and to lead to more general considerations about the impact of these closures.Finally, the whole analysis is drawn together into a synthesis and conclusions. The analysis provides new information on the phenomenon of national, regional and local decision-making and policy and helps us to understand vitality, the impact of the Finnish school network and regional development. The analysis will also generate new information for the school network debate, highlighting the impact of the closures on local and wider vitality. MDI’s analysis will be published as an independent report and will be attached to Karvi’s own report.MDI acts as a subcontractor for Karvi, while Karvi conducts an assessment for the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.