Investigation on the operating conditions of the agile piloting model within the city of Oulu.

In the 6Aika project, the City of Oulu’s educational and cultural services have sought to promote the business opportunities of companies in the education sector by opening up opportunities for rapid experiments in which companies jointly develop their products and services in cooperation with schools. The project has created an operating model for co-development between companies and schools in which schools operate as innovation platforms. MDI evaluated how the pilot model has worked and clarified the preconditions for the operating model as a permanent operating model in the city of Oulu. The report provided a framework for evaluating and developing the approach. As part of the study, the participants in the pilot activities and the city staff were interviewed and the ongoing experiments were observed by visiting the school participating in the pilot activity and participating in an information event for the companies participating in the pilot activity. At the end of the work, MDI presented three different approaches to consolidating experimental activities and highlighted the strengths and weaknesses associated with each.