Interactive information service and Invest-in data package

MDI built an interactive information service for Cursor Ltd. using the PowerBI tool, enabling the examination of information regarding the region’s business activities and vitality on a website. In accordance with the client’s preferences, the information service includes preliminary data on the following aspects: companies, economic structure, jobs and population. MDI compiled the defined indicators and comparisons into an attractive and user-friendly digital information service. The data visualisations were designed to be as easily understandable as possible and, where the data allows, end-users are empowered to create various filters and selections. The information service is implemented with PowerBI for publication on the client’s website through iframe embedding, incorporating the client’s branding and logos. The work includes the maintenance of the information service and content updates in two languages for one year.

In addition to the information service, MDI also assembled an invest-in data package for Cursor, examining the strengths of the operating area through statistical analysis. The analysis is divided into five main themes and two geographical levels. The main themes are: 1) population structure, 2) workforce, 3) regional economy, 4) company structure and industry and 5) accessibility. The geographical levels include the Kotka-Hamina region and Loviisa, as well as a 90-minute accessibility area by car from the Kotka-Hamina region. The analysis relies on existing statistical and data sources, providing a comprehensive view of Cursor’s operating area based on statistics and categorised by different themes. Additionally, the invest-in data package is supplemented with known investment information and impacts specific to the Kotka-Hamina region. MDI compiles and models, at a broad level, the anticipated overall effects of known investments, particularly on employment.