GigaVaasa -regional economic impact analysis

MDI conducted the impact analysis of the GigaVaasa area in collaboration with Urban Research TA. The main objective of the work was to provide information and a clear analysis of the GigaVaasa area project and the investment’s regional economic impacts planned for the border between Vaasa and Mustasaari. The work investigated and analysed the economic impact of the emerging battery value chain concentration in the GigaVaasa area, both regionally and nationally. The local characteristics of Vaasa were taken into account in the analysis. The aim of the study was to support the GigaVaasa project. The study is based on a regional economic framework and initial data collected from GigaVaasa stakeholders. The information primarily relies on data provided by the stakeholders themselves regarding investments. The study assessed the immediate and indirect effects of the GigaVaasa area project on employment, output (and value-added) and tax revenues, as well as the regional allocation of these effects to the location area (Vaasa region) and the entire country. Input-output models were used as assessment methods.