Facilitation of the project identifying options for future local government policy

The Ministry of Finance appointed a working group and a sub-committees to prepare the policy options for local government policy 9.12.2020 – 31.12.2021. A further aim of the work was to generate discussion on local government policy, openly exchange views, encourage dialogue on different perspectives and strengthen mutual understanding in terms of the current basis for developing local government policy. This project supported interaction and discussion as part of the preparation of the local government policy guidelines. The work included the conception, the content and the arrangements of the events supporting the preparation of local government policy options, the facilitation of the discussions, as well as summaries of these discussions and their results to the Ministry of Finance: two roundtable discussions and two workshops for different municipal networks in spring 2021 and a workshop for the working group or sub-committees in early summer 2021. In addition, a webinar was also organised where the results of the work were presented and a discussion on future local government policy themes took place. MDI facilitated five workshops in the autumn of 2021.