Data analysis for the preparation of Pori’s housing policy programme

The city of Pori is preparing a housing policy programme. This necessitated that a comprehensive analysis of the current state of key themes in terms of housing policy and an assessment of future development be undertaken. MDI compiled a comprehensive data base for the city of Pori and Porin YH-Asunnot to support the preparation of the programme. The themes of the current state analysis are related, among other things, to actual population development, housing production and construction, income and income structure and employment and workplace development, as well as to the population structure and regional profile. From each of the aforementioned themes, relevant variables were selected that best describe the housing market in Pori from the point of view of both the entire city and the selected sub-regions. To support housing policy measures and future housing construction and its emphasis, forecasting information and scenario calculations relating to potential alternative directions of future development and, in connection with them, preparation for possible developments, were also required. The work included the following work phases: Compilation of data, current state analysis, sub-regional population forecast and scenario calculations, reporting on and presentation of the work. In addition, the work also saw the preparation of a housing production demand calculation for the city of Pori.