Consultancy of strategy work and partnership with Sevas Kodit Oy

First, a snapshot of housing policy, especially rental housing, was drawn up, which summarising the policy, in particular the rental housing situation, by analysing the studies and reports produced during the current government period, particularly in respect of urban housing supply and its development. Interviews were also conducted followed by a two-stage review of rental housing stock in Seinäjoki which analyses migration, demographic trends and structure, population forecasts and projected changes in age structure, employment and commuting. This gave an accurate picture of the operating environment of the rental market. Seinäjoki was then compared with Jyväskylä, Joensuu, Pori and Kouvola. In the second phase, the supported housing market was examined using various ARA indicators. Thirdly, a structural analysis of Seinäjoki’s migration was undertaken. Finally, strategy workshops were organised for Sevas Kodit Oy and the work reported in spring 2019.