Barents Region Transport and Logistics (BRTL), study

Formal cooperation structures in the Barents region (Norway, Sweden, Finland and the northern parts of north western Russia) have emerged from the need to effectively manage cross-border projects. The Arctic climate, long distances and sparse population are common factors to the area. The Barents Region Transport and Logistics (BRTL) is a 13-partner project the result of which will be an action plan for the regions of the project partners and the Barents Region Transport and Logistics Group.The work provides a description of the international cooperation structures, both transnational and interregional, that affect the design and implementation of transport systems, either directly or indirectly. These, for example, include the Arctic Council and the Barents Euro-Arctic Council. The work also describes national and regional transport system plans, transport strategies and possible inter-regional working groups. In addition, a survey of regional development programmes, regional structure and plans in the project partners’ area will also be carried out.The results are compiled into a report in English. The report will discuss, among other things, how the transport system is designed in different regions and the importance of international cooperation as well as its impact on regional development. The aim is to increase our understanding of the current state of cross-border regional cooperation in the Barents region.