Assessment of the regional economic effects of an investment in the City of Lahti

In the work, an assessment of the regional economic effects of one investment has been made. The work does not take a position on the effects of the construction period, but compares the effects when the operation is complete in relation to the current state. The background assumption of the work is that the investment will be realised and based on this, 200 jobs directly related to the operation will be created in Lahti.

Based on the background assumption, indirect jobs generated by the investment (jobs created in the entire value chain) and jobs generated by consumption (employment effects of consumption caused by wages paid in the region) have been modelled. In addition, the regional placement of indirect jobs and consumption-related jobs has also been assessed. In addition, the number of people employed in Lahti’s workplaces from the city’s unemployed workforce, the number of people commuting to the workplace from other places and the number of people moving to the city for work (as well as their structure) have been estimated. In addition, the impact of indirect (and consumption-based) jobs located in other countries on Lahti (commuting from Lahti to other countries) has been evaluated.

The work described the mechanisms of the regional economy, by which the information generated in the above steps is used to create euro-denominated effects on the municipal economy. The actual figures of the municipal finances in euros were not included in the work.