Assessment of the Futures Urban Strategy

The main goal of the work is to undertake a comprehensive assessment of the implementation of the Tampere metropolitan area’s Future Urban Region strategy. The co-operation of municipalities in the Tampere region is guided by the regional strategy approved by the municipal councils, the third and most recent of which was approved in 2016. The main messages and objectives of the current strategy focus on three themes: 1) Increasing competitiveness, 2) A sustainable structure for growth and 3) A prosperous community. The aim of the work is not only to evaluate the implementation of the strategy, but also to generate content for the preparation of a new strategy. The regional strategy also clarifies the owners’ will to continue cooperation and therefore an essential aspect of the evaluation is the analysis and evaluation of regional cooperation. The main focus of the evaluation is on the self-assessment of the municipalities and on the facilitation and support of this self-assessment process. This self-assessment work is supported by the operating environment analysis and MDI, as well as by the involvement of an external jury. On the basis of the self-assessment, the inputs of the external panel and the collected data, a common vision of the implementation of the regional strategy and key development targets will be strengthened. The regional government and the municipal mayor also play a key role in this interpretation and in drawing conclusions. In addition, the conclusions will be enriched on 3 December 2020 in the context of a virtual Regional Forum. The assessment will be completed in February 2021, with the Tampere metropolitan area as the client.