Analysis of the housing potential in the Jämsä area

Housing services are high on Jämsä’s development priorities. Housing development means examining the entire housing service processes, developing and introducing new operating models, and close cooperation with both private and public housing operators. In the SASU project led by the city of Jämsä and financed by the Regional Council of Central Finland, the objective is to atract new companies, investments and jobs to Jämsä. As part of the project, the City of Jämsä has commissioned a study to examine the current state of the area’s building stock and land use, as well as their potential for adapting to future housing needs.

FCG and MDI will carry out the study for the City of Jämsä with the following objectives:
• Mapping the current situation of the housing market in the Jämsä area.
• Promoting the updating of the building stock or change in land use to facilitate migration to Jämsä.
• Identifying competitive factors and future opportunities in urban planning and land use.
• Examining sustainable housing from the perspectives of sustainability, ecological impact, changing needs, and livability.
• Identifying and presenting innovative solutions for housing, land use, and revitalization of the building stock.
• Investigating the factors influencing residential choices and willingness to move, as well as the values guiding those choices.
• Identifying development areas based on the above, where the city can have an impact through its own actions.