Analysis of the housing market, population and employment trends and assessment of future housing production needs in Vaasa

The main objective of this study is to provide information to support housing development in the city of Vaasa. The study will investigate and analyse the development of the housing market in Vaasa, as well as the trends in terms of population and employment. In addition, it will also assess future needs in respect of housing production. The study will take into account local characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. The ultimate aim of the study is to support the Giga-Vaasa project, the implementation programme for land use, the city’s housing and land policy as well as overall city development. 

The study consists of three sections:
1. A housing market analysis
2. An analysis of population and employment trends
3. An assessment of housing production needs 

In this project MDI collaborates with the city research TA. In addition, experts in urban planning from FCG will be utilised in the study.