Analysis of regional and population development, habitability and recruitment potentials

MDI carried out a statistical analysis for Linja-autoliito, which consisted of three sections: 1) updating the previous statistical analysis carried out in 2021, 2) reviewing the habitability potential and 3) reviewing the recruitment potential. In the first section, an overview of the national population and of regional development (including future forecasts) was produced. Population and regional development throughout Finland and in the areas of operation of public transport authorities were analysed in more detail, with future development also assessed. In the second entity, potential habitability was examined by looking at changes in habitability, housing estates, housing and construction, as well as the prerequisites for habitability and the potential, in this respect, of areas in the public transport authorities’ operational areas in the future. In the third entity, recruitment potential was examined in the light of employment developments and changes in the logistics and related industries. In particular, the focus here was on the projected development of the working-age population and the examination of the development of the potential labour force of land transport in the areas of operation of the public transport authorities in the future.