A study of the interfaces between the tasks of municipalities and provinces

MDI, together with NHG, conducted a preliminary study on the interrelationships between municipalities and provinces for the Ministry of Finance. In the context of the regional and social services reform, the competences and interactions between municipalities and provinces would be changed. In the preparatory phase, it was recognised that the customer-oriented implementation of public services requires seamless cooperation between municipalities and the province. Connecting surface work has already been done to some extent between the provinces and municipalities in the preparation of the regional and social services reform, at least in terms of content. The preliminary study commissioned by the Ministry of Finance explained what has been done so far to model the interfaces and which areas require more detailed modelling. In addition, good examples and the potential of interface design and collaboration were highlighted. The aim of the pre-exploration phase was to enhance the coordination of interface work and to create a common structure for further work at the national level. A key objective was also to support the construction of a multidisciplinary province and future municipality.