MDI – Your European project partner

MDI is a regional development consultancy operating as part of FCG (Finnish Consulting Group). We seek to promote societal engagement through research, evaluation, innovation and participation work using both data-driven and qualitative approaches.

Our goal and focus

Our goal is to further develop Finland through the promotion of better development work. Our focus is fundamentally client-centred, we have developed extensive connections with all key stakeholders at the national ministerial level and with regional and local administrations as well as with third sector actors from the economic, social and educational sectors. We believe two-way policy learning and transfer – from Finland to Europe and vice versa – is a key element in this development process. As such, we seek to help mediate between these spaces by disseminating the ‘Finnish ex-perience’ more broadly while, at the same time, introducing our Finnish clients to new ideas and meaningful benchmarks from elsewhere in Europe.

Grafiikka asemanseudusta.

Your Finnish choice

We aim to provide our prospective European project partners with a comprehensive understanding of Finland, at all administrative levels, though our extensive data analysis of every aspect of its economic, social and policy development, striving for a better, more sustainable, more innovative and more vital Finland in a better, more successful, Europe.

Our European focus

Grafiikka auringonlaskusta ja autotiestä.

MDI provides the best regional data

Here you can see our data services in Finnish. English translations will be ready during the summer. Below you can see some current examples of our data service work.

Population projections

Below is map showing the population projection of Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish municipalities up to 2040. There is also a graph that shows you the population projection in EU and EEA countries in the selected time period.

Vitality index

The EVP Index (vitality index) examines both the livelihood and the attractiveness and retention power of areas simultaneously. The purpose of the index is to provide a comprehensive view of the development situation, livelihood, attractiveness and retention power of a municipality or the region as a whole in one view. 

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