Addressing the gender and diversity paradoxes in innovation – towards a more inclusive policy design (AGDA)

MDI is developing, in Nordic cooperation, more gender- and diversity-sensitive tools for the preparation of RDI programmes

The AGDA project brings into sharper focus the gender-paradox of innovation, especially in the area of green transition, while seeking to provide a knowledge base and a shared platform for co-creating better practices for inclusion, diversity and gender equality through processes of programme ideation, design and implementation.

The project consists of a literature study, a synthesis of existing evaluation and monitoring frameworks and gender plans, as well as dialogues and a co-creation platform and networking of Nordic innovation and research funding bodies, their practitioner and key stakeholders and experts. The resulting framework will be co-created and tested, with the aim of supporting a more inclusive framework for innovation programming.

Discussion with Riina Bhatia, researcher from VTT, Hilde Corneliussen, reseacher from Vestlandsforsking, Kaisa Lähteenmäki-Smith, specialist from MDI, and Tim Wallin, founder and CEO from Gambit.


Funded by: Nordic Gender Equality Fund

Granted year: 2022

Project lead: Kaisa Lähteenmäki-Smith

University of Vaasa
Academy of Finland / Strategic Research Council
Business Finland
Western Norway Research Institute (Vestlandsforsking)
University of Iceland

Policy brief

Working Paper

Privilege tour to innovation funding!

Each of us display certain characteristics, which affect our life choices. Some are related to our background, some we aquire during our life and some just happen to us, whether we want them or not. These affect our advantages and disadvantages in society.

Research and innovation funding is no exception. Some paths lead to a dead end early on, while others can prove to be  more slippery. Some find the path clear and straightforward, even if it demands hard work. 

Please use the following questions to reflect on the kinds of privileges people like you have – or what disadvantages someone else might have.

Take the privilege tour here

Privilege tour in Finnish


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