Strategiat ja ohjelmat

Strategies and programmes

We help clients to see and do things in a new way.

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Our goal is to improve the effectiveness of your operations through evaluation, information gathering and concrete development suggestions.

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Tutkimukset ja selvitykset

Research and studies

Get functional concepts, analyses and reports based on research data

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Työpajat, luennot ja leirit

Workshops, lectures and camps

Invite us to host an event nobody wants to miss

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Information services and data-analysis

We solve the challenges of public sector information management.

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Experimental Development

Test with us the bold attitude of learning together and get results quickly.

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MDI in numbers

1 main thought, idea and goal – regional development with impact

3 offices

27 experts

100+ workshops annually

500+ tailored thematic interviews

3 000+ participants in workshops and events

20 000+ respondents in our surveys

100 000+ kilometres by train to meet our clients


MDI Team

Janne Antikainen, Lic.Phil. (Human Geography)

Development Director, Partner, Chairman +358 40 764 1829

Niklas Aro, B. SC. (GEO)

Specialist 044 293 0897

Rasmus Aro, M.SOC.SC.

Specialist 040 187 1027

Timo Aro, D.Soc.Sc.

Lead Specialist +358 45 657 7890

Benjamin Heikkinen, M.Sc. (Admin.)

Specialist +358 40 410 9310

Sebastian Hovi, M.SOC.SC., POL. SC. STUD.

Specialist 0408203342

Marjo Honkaranta, M.A.

Specialist 050 329 4015

Jaakko Huttunen, M.Sc. (Planning Geography)

Specialist +358 44 970 7798

Anssi Kumpula

Anssi Kumpula, B.Sc. (Econ.)

Graphic Designer +358 50 357 9252

Valtteri Laasonen, M.Sc. (Geo)

Lead Specialist, Partner +358 50 533 0604

Aleksi Koivisto, M.SC. (ADMIN.)

Specialist 040 686 2604

Anna Laiho, M.SOC.SC.

Specialist 040 749 9758

Kaisa Lähteenmäki-Smith, PhD, (POL.SC.) & International Relations

Lead Specialist 050 513 4810

Samuli Manu, M.Soc.Sc. (Political Science)

Specialist +358 50 356 3980

Minna Mayer, D.Soc.Sc.

Specialist +358 40 709 6898

Juho Nyman, M.Sc. (Geo)

Specialist +358 50 321 8790

Sari Pitkänen, M.SOC.SC.

Specialist 044 781 3185

Sinikukka Pyykkönen, M.Sc. (Admin.), B.Sc. (Pol.Sc.)

Specialist +358 40 846 0846

Sari Rannanpää, M.Phil.

Lead Specialist +358 50 523 6872

Tommi Ranta, D.Sc. (Econ. & BA)

Managing Director, Partner +358 40 588 2839

Henrika Ruokonen, M.SC. (ADMIN.)

Specialist 040 848 5557

Kirsi Siltanen, M. Sc. (Admin)

Specialist 040 667 4678

Ilppo Soininvaara, M.Sc.

Specialist +358 50 411 0980

Satu Tolonen

Satu Tolonen, M.Sc. (Planning Geography)

Specialist +358 40 704 3247

Iina Tunkkari, M.SC. (ADMIN.)

Specialist 0400194301

Mikko Valtakari, Lic. Phil. (Planning Geography)

Lead Specialist, Partner +358 40 569 1568

Advisor Team

Kristiina Erkkilä, Ph.D, M.A.

Advisor, education and urban development 040 705 3952

Kari Hannus, M. Sc. (Tech.)

Advisor, land use, housing and traffic, municipal economics +358 50 2970

Kristiina Helenius, M.Sc. (Econ)

Advisor, International affairs, United States +358 45 122 6051 / +1 202 365 9174

Eero Holstila

Eero Holstila, M.Sc.Soc.

Senior Advisor, Urban Policy 050 567 2087

Timo Hämäläinen

Timo Hämäläinen, M.Sc., M.A.

Advisor, Urban Policy 040 510 0313

Lauri Lamminmäki, M. Pol. Sc

Advisor, municipal sector 044 971 5300

Petri Jalasto

Petri Jalasto, M.Sc. (Tech.)

Senior Advisor, Transport Policy

Jari Kolehmainen, D.Sc. (Admin.)

Senior Advisor, urban and regional development +358 40 584 9077

Natalia Rincon, M.Sc. Architecture, PHD candidate in Smart Cities

Advisor, Urban Policy 040 9359 824

Timo Widbom, M.SC. (ADMIN.)

Advisor, spatial data & information services

Chris Smith, M.Litt (Strategic Studies), PhD Candidate in Public Administration

Advisor 040 757 7573

Osmo Soininvaara, Lic. (Soc. Sci.)

Senior Policy Advisor

Antti Suvanto, Dr. Pol. Sc

Advisor, economy and finance

Eila Valtanen, M. Sc., eMBA

Advisor, municipalities, forest and wood cluster, the North 040 056 9716

Matti Vatilo, Architect


Jukka Vesalainen

Jukka Vesalainen, D.Sc. (Econ. & BA)

Senior Advisor 050 562 5048

Established partners

Mari Dawe,

Client Manager +358 50 441 3209

Juha Eskelinen, D.SC.

Entrepreneur, researcher, consultant, Melkior Oy 040 081 3858

Jouko Järnefelt,

Senior Analyst, Ubigu Oy 050 373 3638

Jouko Luukkonen, M.Sc. (Admin.), MBA

Owner, entrepreneur, LGR-Consulting Oy +358 45 189 3138

Minna Utriainen,

COO, Strategist, Avidly +358 40 834 4482

Frami Ltd, Innovation network

Developing innovation environments in rural areas

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Ministry of Employment and the Economy

Ex ante evaluation of Structural Fund Programme 2014–2020

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Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Ex ante evaluation of the Rural Development Programme for Mainland Finland 2014–2020

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The Finnish National Rural Parliament invites you to discuss rural development – MDI involved in the Virtual Partner Page

This year we are a partner in the Rural Parliament event. As part of the event, we will be hosting two virtual workshops while, in addition, we will also be participating in the virtual ‘Partner Marketplace’ where MDI will present our workshop materials to the other Partner participants. The workshop on ‘How to get multi-local … Continue reading The Finnish National Rural Parliament invites you to discuss rural development – MDI involved in the Virtual Partner Page

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The Helsinki region was fourth in the competitiveness comparison of Nordic metropolitan areas

MDI studied the perspective of LHT planning (MAL in Finnish), emphasising the international competitiveness of the Helsinki region in relation to the metropoles of Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo and Copenhagen-Malmö. The comparison also included the urban areas of Tallinn and Riga, the results of which were combined in the overall comparison into ‘Baltic urban areas’. The … Continue reading The Helsinki region was fourth in the competitiveness comparison of Nordic metropolitan areas

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Preparations for the new cultural programme begin in Nokia

Preparations for the Nokia City Culture Programme have begun. The programme, which will be completed next spring, will be worked on in various ways together with local residents, decision-makers and cultural actors. The culture programme determines how Nokia’s city goals, e.g. the activity and well-being of local residents, the vitality of the city, ecology and … Continue reading Preparations for the new cultural programme begin in Nokia

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Autumn brings back familiar faces

In August-September, we were happy to welcome some familiar faces back into the office when experts Benjamin Heikkinen, Satu Tolonen and Niklas Aro returned to the team. Benjamin Heikkinen’s work includes a comprehensive selection of e.g. various studies and evaluations related to rural development and project funding. Satu Tolonen will continue to develop and maintain … Continue reading Autumn brings back familiar faces

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