Walking tour involved residents in the vision work in Kerava

Kerava is part of the strongly growing Helsinki region, where the development trend emphasises new housing, jobs and leisure in the central areas and around the public transport hub areas. The city of Kerava is growing at a significant rate with the residential area of Lapila identified as a potentially important growth area near good public transport access. The Lapila area is also located in the vicinity of the future housing fair site with attention on the area constantly growing.

The Uusi Kaupunki (eng. New City) collective, supported by MDI, designed a structural growth vision for the Lapila residential area between Kerava railway station site and Kerava Manor. For future potential replenishment construction, Uusi Kaupunki and MDI drew up a vision of what the future Lapila area might look like.

MDI’s role focused on the promotion of a walking tour with residents of the area. During the tour, residents had the opportunity to learn about the preliminary content of the master plan and to discuss both solutions and, more broadly, the development of Lapila. Around 40–50 residents, city experts and representatives from the consultancy team participated in the walking tour.

The project resulted in indicative formula material with observational images which city planners then used as a basis for further work. The results of the project highlight how complementary construction of the region can concentrate the strengths of the Lapila region and address the most significant development issues.

Photo: Uusi Kaupunki Collective