The Municipal Card included in the finals of Statistics Finland’s Datamenestyjyät competition

The Municipal Card prepared by MDI and Robonomist is included in the finals of Statistics Finland’s Datamenestyjät competition. Other finalists are the vitality review of Kanta-Häme and Itlasto, the children’s and young people’s wellbeing information bank. The winner of the competition will be announced at the Statistics Arena event on Wednesday 28 September 2022.

Kuva, jossa lukee Datamenestyjät ja finalistit 2022. Kuva Tilastokeskus.

What is a Municipal Card? The Municipal Card is an information package for managing and developing municipalities with the help of real time information. The Municipal Card is the only product on the market that collects, visualises and publishes information about regional development variables:

  • population
  • attraction
  • employment
  • education and well-being
  • business activity
  • regional and municipal economy

With the Municipal Card, the work of experts shifts from crunching information to its interpretation.

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